When I looked into Wikipedia, I found some interesting understandings, definitions, explanations of transformation based on Physics, Algebra and Geometry. Interesting and of course necessary, fundamental knowledge and wisdom for us as human beings. The question is whether we understand the same when we talk about transformation related to Human Beings. Is there something fixed and unchangeable from which we make transformation possible? Is what we reach after the transformation has taken place, what we call transformation, or do we call the whole process from which we started until we receive a certain transformation, the transformation? I really do not know.

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WHO Transforms WHO?

Not knowing is in my opinion an excellent possibility and a wonderful opportunity for searching. Searching for new meaning, new approaches, new ideas, thoughts, truthfulness, values and possibilities. The question I have is whether we can transform (find) all these new questions when we search from the same circle, position we always stood in? As part of the circle, being in the circle can we find new questions (more interesting than the answers) when we use the same assumptions, believes, patterns, ideas, methods, instruments as we always used? Can we open new “doors and windows” with the same keys, even at moments that we are unable to see the doors and windows and not having keys at all? Is it possible to be in the circle, belonging to the circle and being at the same moment outside the circle?

This question was for me the reason to explore, in many different ways, however this could be possible. Deepak Chopra would call it the observer, who observes the one who is making the observations; for easiness let us call this the second order observer. If this would be possible, than the use of the mathematical approach is valuable for Human Transformation as well, since this second order observer (hence not the one who makes the observations itself) will be the one, unchangeable and fixed, who is able to (co) create new possibilities. It means that in our lives on earth when we are able to be in touch with the creator, the second order observer, the decision maker, that we can transform our human actions, manifestations in to new divine actions and manifestation. When it would be able to observe our actions from this (outside) position, this state (of pure consciousness), we are able to transform every single action into a transformed action and manifestation. Meditation and Yoga helped me to experience what is meant by this state. It does not mean that we immediately have all answers to all questions, but I experienced to have unlimited possibilities to ask myself even more questions than I ever could imagine.

I went in April 2007 to an Intensive Course at Findhorn in Scotland to “become” a Transformational Game Facilitator organised by InnerLinks. Of course a good reason to explain and talk about transformation. I did not know exactly what I could expect, but I was searching for an instrument that could help me (and others) in my coaching and training sessions. I could have asked somebody else to facilitate this game, but there is something in me that always wants to experience myself first, before I am able to recommend to others. If I follow courses I am also immediately searching for possibilities to share and to make it available to others. This is why I followed this two weeks intensive course. First of all I was overwhelmed with the natural beauty of Scotland and the great environment at Cluny Hill in Scotland. I can highly recommend this wonderful place to others (if you take a good umbrella, since it most regularly rains cats and dogs).

The day we started I found myself surrounded with great people from many different places in the world. We were with 9 students from 6 different nationalities. When we open ourselves to miracles, and we all did, we will experience them and they will have a rippling effect. We had the very best teachers. Teachers that are committed to the game and to the students who want to learn to facilitate the game. Teachers with good listening skills, compassion and willingness to show their knowledge, creativity and other talents and professionalism. It was a pleasure to learn from them and from the other students, even at the moments that I found myself in a mental split. I feel very grateful and I want to express my gratitude to our teachers Suzan Schwartz and Angela Morton. As a teacher in a Business School it was a great opportunity to become a “real” student again. Not knowing whether your talents, knowledge is enough to pass for the final test. To be aware that your actions, talents for this purpose (becoming a game facilitator) will be judged by others. It is great, even more when you pass and look back, to experience how difficult it is to work on “new” intentions. Walter, my husband, always uses the metaphor of playing Hamlet (for the less cultural ones, from Shakespeare). When you learn to “play” Hamlet it will be possible but different from “becoming” Hamlet. The best actors are the ones that become Hamlet.

From playing to becoming is what we could call transformation. The same player, the same script, but becoming happens on a deep, profound level of internalisation, more profound than what was first something as experienced from outside. The good news is that to become the transformation is possible for everybody. Further news is that it needs an intention, organisation, structure, focus, discipline and commitment.

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