Mataphores, sages, fables and myth’s

How beautiful the language used by Emmanuelle in her comments to some of "my" posts. The richness of the words used, the profound expressions of a poet. How important the sages, myths and other expressions of philosophy that allows us to understand on a much more deeper level what is meant.

I love to repeat the wonderful story. The story about a man and a boy. The boy asked what was Ramadan about. The man asked him: "when you are very eager to eat, do you want to drink" ? "No", answered the boy. "When you are very eager to drink, do you want to eat ?" "No" answered the boy. "So", said the man, "this is what fasting is about".  But what are you so much eager for, then, if it is not food or drink?" asked the boy. "I am eager for God". How touching the "simple" words describing the deep desire.

Are we aware of the words we use? The language we speak? Do we enrich peoples life while we express ourselves? What are the stories we are telling ourselves and to the rest of the world? Are we heroes, gods and goddesses, magicians, wizards, peacemakers, dragons, lions, strong as the wind, stars, powerful and magnificent as the lightning? Why not?

Is is not business like to show our real talents, our dreams and desires? Is it not done in the world of business to use the great possibilities of all colors of the painters pallet to describe ourselves and others. Is it not serious enough?

I am surrounded with many students from different places in the world and I feel very blessed. All of them have great stories to tell and I wish that I could hear them all. When I observe them I am always overwhelmed by the creativity and "learning" capabilities they have.

I promised myself to create with them a safe and pleasant learning environment. An environment in which they will feel free to explore new ideas, concepts and in which they are not afraid to make mistakes, since it is safe enough to learn and to experience different aspects of life.

I read on the site of the Mythic Imagination Institute some wonderful phrases:

Every life is a story…
A story can change the world!

Everything you can imagine is real

Pablo Picasso

Let us imagine a peaceful world. A place we are able to serve each other. A place were we can enjoy diversity. How beautiful it is to observe and to perceive all the different species living on earth. How amazing to observe every expression of life. Life in all it’s different forms.

I visited ones the Parliament of the world Religions in 2004 in Barcelona and I felt as a "fish in water" (Dutch expression). "Thousands of people representing the vast diversity of the world’s religious, spiritual and cultural traditions". How amazing to be surrounded with so many different expressions of love, peace and compassion. I felt in a majestuous, mythic different planet. How grateful I felt. I talked with so many people, I listened to so many wise words. Deepak Chopra was present. I spoke to the granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi and I saw Jean Paul Wabotai back, a great artist and performer, who I met during a conference of the Alliance of a New Humanity. I learned so many new wonderful stories. During this parliament I was most touched by the women that talked about "woman and spirituality" and I felt overwhelmed by the words used by my beloved Sai MAA. How graceful and peaceful her words. How intelligent her expressions and how meaningful her speeches.

The next Parliament will taken place in Australia in 2009 and I can really recommend everybody to join this great event. If you are interested in different expressions, approaches that have in common to live peaceful in Diversity you might have the time of your life.

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