I am watching a television program in which they talk with Shlomo Mintz, a very famous Jewish violist. I always sense great interest in violists due to the fact that I feel attracted by this instrument most of all. As my father used to tell to his daughters: “a violin reminds us of our deepest desires and brings us in touch with our true nature, via our emotions and feelings”. How magnificent the words of my father.


Shlomo Mintz

I will never forget my Business Trip to Budapest, Hungary. We stayed in a nice Hotel and on the Friday evening, the day before we left, there was a Gypsy wedding celebration. The violins brought pleasure and laughter. I could hear people dancing, singing and clapping. After a few hours the music changed and the violins played our deepest emotions. I found myself deeply touched and crying in bed. The violins longing for harmony, the violins talking about separation, the violins whispering forgotten feelings of unconditional love and the violins crying for peace. The violin is so closely connected to the violist that the difference between the player and the instrument does not longer exist. Playing from the heart, playing with the hands, playing very close to the ears and mind and listening as a channeler and transformer to the undiscovered melodies from Universe. How much I love this instrument.

Just a few weeks before I watched a documentary in which was described the life and work of Niccolo Paganini, who was born on the 27th of October 1782 in Genoa, Italy and died the 27th of May 1840 in Nice, France.

“The devil violist” as he was called by the beings that lived in the same episode in Italy.


Niccolo Paganini

Shlomo Mintz was explaining how difficult it is to play the music composed and performed by Paganini. During a performance of Shlomo Mintz, that was taking place in Maastricht, the Netherlands, the antique famous violin of Pagagini was brought to Holland, to give a possibility to Shlomo Mintz to play the music on this specific instrument. Shlomo Mintz told the journalist, who was interviewing him, that it almost seems impossible. He made the metaphor of a wild black horse that wanted to kick-him off.

“This is truly the instrument of Niccoló Paganini and it is not meant, it does not want to be played by others”, he explained.

I reflected on what he said. Could it be that an instrument does not want others to play on it? I know that a famous Austrian horse rider, Hugo Simons had a horse named Gladston that was difficult to be ride on for others. But a horse has its own character, its own “mental models” and its own preference.  Is it possible that an instrument has a life on its own? 

Is it possible for others to drive on the motor bike of Valentino Rossi? Will the motorbike kick them off? Could it be that it is not only Valentino Rossi who is the great champion, but that it is the combination of the man and the instrument that make the difference?


Valentino Rossi

I like to come back to Shlomo Mintz. Is it his imagination? Is it possible that he creates his own ideas, mindsets and reality? It seems that this is possible. I aloud my curiosity to grow by asking my dear beloved husband Walter Baets what he thought about the “wild” violin of Paganini.

“I believe that Shlomo Mintz imagined, already before he ever started to play on this instrument, that it would be impossible. He wants to believe, due to his admiration for the great musician that it would be impossible”, Walter explained me. “Shlomo Mintz could also imagine that he received the honor by Paganini himself to play his instrument, since every musician wants to hear his music being played, especially by great other musicians. Niccolo Paganini himself made it possible that the instrument was send, escorted by many police officers, as a recognition of the great efforts of Shlomo Mintz. Now Shlomo Mintz is not taking this opportunity due to his own thoughts and mindsets, that it is impossible to play the instrument of Niccolo Paganini”.

I am still puzzling. All kind of thoughts are spinning through my mind. Niccoló Paganini was born on the 27th of October, on the same day that I will celebrate my birthday.  Shlomo Mintz is born the 30th of October 1957 just a few days later in the same month. I like to give some meaning to this. I am not sure why, but I smile by the idea that the violin does not want to be played by others. In the same way I always liked, that Gladstone had his own preference by being a champion while being ridden by Hugo Simons.

Imagination is an enormous strength and together with intention, discipline and enjoyment we are able to create our own reality.

I love the fact that we have examples of great beings that show us what it means to use ones true talents and possibilities. It is as if there is no difference between the person and the action. They seem to be one. All of us know the great work of Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela but we can find them everywhere sometimes more unknown.


Anky van Grunsven and Bonfire

We are making our own reality. We create our own life. We will not be fulfilling our dreams, desires by making ourselves smaller. Not by being focused on what we do not want. I talk about the “law of attraction”. Shlomo Mintz attracted the antique violin by his great talents, discipline and admiration. I hope that he will continue playing music and it might be that he only can be this great musician, by his creativity and imagination. I hope he will listen to his own unique self. I want to attract the possibility to listen to one of his performances. With or without the violin of Niccolo Paganini.

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  • Emmanuelle M.:

    I like this idea that my world, though entangled (strangled ?) between too many other ones, can become larger rather than smaller in this process. How can a Mom educate his/her child so that he/she is able to benefit from all other people’s dreams and ambitions rather than feel there is not enough room for him/her to breathe in this world ? Hopefully my child will know better than me. And I am sure he will, as he already knows so much more than I do.