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I am pleased to share with all of you the wonderful post Emmanuelle made for "my" blog. I feel very grateful that I met Emmanuelle. Last week we had "The International Seminars" at Euromed and as always Emmanuelle took care off, not only every single International Teacher, but also of all the administrative and organizational "stuff". It is always impressive to observe with how much dedication and great fun and compassion she is serving others. It seems easy and simple, but all of us know that this is due to the fact that Emmanuelle is fully committed. Thank you Emmanuelle.

I feel grateful for your wonderful words. Thank you for your continuous support, deep compassion and love. Blessing to you and your wonderful family.

My great teacher and beloved Sai MAA would say: "I send you a shower of love"

Post by Emmanuelle

The very first time I was travelling to Ethiopia (a breath-taking country, you should really visit it !), I was impressed by their sense of spirituality. In fact, after some more analysis, I found out their spirituality is more a cultural and social fact: children are educated in the church, in an enlarged family including actual members of the family and also members of the church community, the village etc … Very African-like, actually. Anyway, their faith is very impressive.

During this first trip, when they asked me about God, their first (and sometime only) question was: are you a Catholic ? For them, all European falandji (local word for foreigner) are catholic, as they see mainly French and Spaniards.

My answer is no. Am I a protestant ?. No. An Orthodox ? No. A Muslim ? No.

I am a person coveting her own personal spirituality; God is inside of me, and, just like any human being, I have been given the Good and the Evil, the intelligence to make the difference and the capacity to choose between both in any occasion.

Putting God outside of me, in a Church for example, (I have been raised a Catholic) has given me plenty of opportunities to wonder about and criticize the actions of this God (and their consequences) which were so difficult to understand. It has also given me plenty of opportunities to not understand and accept things that happened in my life.

Since the day I have found out all this is inside of me, I have understood, taken the blame for what happened when needed, accepted all others; I have authorized myself the Good and also the Evil, and found myself far more human and far more divine.

I am a member of the Church of Humanity, and I recognize you all as both Human and Divine creatures, no matter what you do (to me or to anybody else), or think.

Of course, in a day to day life, I am still inclined to look for Good and Evil outside of me, but I am trying my best, and all people I have chosen for being around me definitely help me in this.

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