I did not write for quite a long time. I was reflecting on HEALTH.  I consider to have some evidence that health and a healthy person, society, world has something to do with universal/natural balance. Not complete BALANCE without movement, since otherwise the system is not in balance but rather death. What happens when we are out of balance? I suppose we start to feel sick, nauseous, stressed and we suffer from all kinds of other symptoms. 

If I observe the world around me as an ordinary person, not pretending that I am a medical doctor, I discover, experience many diseases and illnesses. Illnesses that are immediately fatal and chronicle diseases that are poisonous for our existence and lead to our death. “For You are dust, And to dust You will return” Genesis 3: 19.


Some cultures, societies, environments make us sicker than others. Some chronicle diseases we are not even aware of. Long term diseases, are silently waiting for a weakened imune system. Syria for example. It will not be an overnight decision of some government people to poison a large number of your own people by the use of chemical weapons. When it does happen we know this is like a heart attack or a spontaneous brain infarct. The wounds and suffering will be endless and disastrous. We watch it with pain and disbelieve. “What the heck is wrong with these people ?”, I thought. “What is wrong with me?”, I thought. I found a long list of human CIVILIZATION. Attacks in Nairobi, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, ………and unfortunately many more.




What happened and why? Numbers of people died due to wars, dogma’s, ideologies and not just caused by the Taliban. Sorry people that’s too simple. Investigations and (re)search should be done more profoundly and more evidence driven. The consequences of this madness, that is still going on, are deaths all over the world. If we watch the pictures, images, documentaries, we can only conclude that we humans suffer from deep routed madness, depressions and fear. We have had a first world war, a second world war, a cold war, an American civel war. Our human history is full of stories of cruelty, violence and aggression. DEATH. 

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In the name of Allah and let us not forget the Buddhist that killed numbers of people in Sri Lanka and Burma. Some people (menos inteligente = less intelligent) tell us to die for: Our Nation and Homeland since that is what is most sacred to us, after God and the family. What nation? What homeland?



We are in GENERAL seriously ill. Out of balance.

Europe is concerned by the activities of the NSA and their impact on “our” PRIVACY. I was honestly not aware that their “practices” would be that intense and that their reckless methods impacted so many of us. I call it a CRIME towards humanity. It shows that it has nothing to do with the protection of people against terrorism. This is because of the misuse of POWER. It shows a complete absence of respect, ignorance of human rights and a deep routed power controlling addiction. As most addictions they are highly dangerous.

We can not even imagine how many people are working in these “technical” created highly advanced search systems. We have no idea who is working for these institutions. Can you imagine how easy it is to take your identity, change your banking details and create false imagines of  you? What about the economical, social and political implications? Our lives seems to be in the hands of highly unethical people.

Our lives checked and controlled by people with little consciousness. Can you imagine that the most CONSERVATIVE American can have an impact on our lives. The TEA PARTYWhat will happen with me when I prefer to drink coffee? People with little education, people that have very rigid ideas, people that have as well bad judgment are in charge? 

In their own circle they did not have any idea/clue that Edward Snowden felt horrible and would be able to show the world what was taking place. All the violence and aggression of the United States and all other institutions involved are against Edward Snowden and it shows how little we changed. It is mostly the MESSENGER that should be killed (or life time imprisoned). In the opinion of the NSA and their “followers” Snowden will be seen as a recruitment failure. BAD JUDGMENT. What about all the other people working for this “secret” institutions. What about people that want their friends in certain positions and make sure that positive files of others disappear or worse, create uncertainty or rumors about somebody? What about people that are reckless enough to change information because they do not like what you do, talk or write about? There is enough evidence that institutions take unacceptable risks when they have to hire people for this kind of positions. Even more risks than for other positions in “normal” organizations. Is it possible that we can already doubt the mind sets of people that like working for these kinds of institutions? What are their goals, their mission, or in their (military) language: their strategy? It is not for safety reasons. My logic mind is telling me that. You do not need to “check” 1.800.000 telephone call in one month in the Netherlands to protect Americans and “others” against terrorism. I am not sure but I have still some confidence that ANGELA MERKEL is not secretly SPYING for AL QAIDA

The reasons some organizations SPY is because they want business opportunities for themselves. Just imagine: The Chinese Government wants helicopters for their army. They visit for example an European helicopter manufacturer and exchange a “few” telephone calls; video conferences and  e-mail messages are send and…………….. SILENCE. A few months later the Europeans learn that the same Chinese Government bought American helicopters”. 

All in the name of ANTI TERRORISME. 

XITUS ACTA PROBAT = the end justifies the means

After 9-11 we (Europe) sold all what was always important to us. Integrity, Search for truth, Values, Trust, Diversity, Fair Trade, Privacy, Freedom of Speech and many more to a nation that is very, very sick. Paranoia and Megalomania are serious illnesses. The consequences? It brought us violence, aggression and we integrated the illness into our own systems. It is an EPIDEMIC. Not just in the financial world. As a result we suffer from a chronicle absence of integrity, respect, common sense, empathy and ………..a lot more. 

The technical possibilities are used with the wrong purposes. The focus is influenced by serious diseases/sickness. 

We still have human trafficking, organ trafficking, child abuse, sex slavery, weapons world wide and it seems that we do not find solutions for this. We are seriously ill. I am not sure that we are able to heal. The world of human kind is OUT OF BALANCE.

2% of the world richest adults have more than halve all the total (world) wealth, the poorest part of all adults have 1%. Since this is completely out of balance we have to deal with worldwide challenges. 

A lot of structures are created to defend this unharmonious situations. The business tradition we all are confronted with is imposed to all of us in their language: English. Academic papers, insights, ideas, articles, books are based on these kind of principles and almost always in their (by them ranked) journals. All created to defend the STATUS QUO

THE ESTABLISHED AND THE OUTSIDERS of Norbert Elias is still worth reading. You have to learn and to act according the rules of the established. A few DISSONANTSCOURT JESTERS is/are important to confirm the rules of the established. How tolerant we are! Canes latrantes non mordent = Barking dogs seldom bite. 


I do not want to suggest that I dislike the Americans. I was celebrating “drunk” the first time Barack Obama was elected. I have many American friends. I am shocked to learn that Vladimir Putin is according to Forbes the most powerful person in the world. 30 GreenPeace activists in prison. I read how the activist are treated. I know how homosexuals are disrespected. Freedom of Speech??? 27.1 suicides per 100.000 inhabitants. I am not sure about the number of alcoholics. What about domestic violence? 

China: Pollution? Freedom of speech? Manipulation of information? Human Rights? Natural disasters? About 14.000 pigs in the rivers near Shanghai? Minorities and their human rights? 

India: Pollution? Higher – Lower caste? Sex slavery? Traffic Accidents? Rape? Highest number of slaves?  

Total (estimate number) of slaves worldwide 21.000.000 – 30.000.000

About 350 death refugees in Lampedusa, Italy

I had “problems” sleeping. I do not suffer from depression, I do not suffer at all but something kept me from sleeping. “WHAT THE HECK WENT WRONG?” I asked myself, and even more important: “WHY AND HOW DID WE CREATE THIS KIND OF WORLD LEADERS?”. 

Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite = The people will get the leaders they deserve.

I use my “pen” to express what is alive. It is not difficult to neglect all our human darkness and pretend it is just in my mind only.  It is easy to change my focus towards everything that is going well. My family, the beautiful friends I have, the love I feel for the people in my surrounding. That I received my wallet back in a country (South Africa) that has according to statics high crime rates. The amazing view from my balcony. My daily walk near the beach. The deep gratitude for being alive. In the inner state, the self, neutrality is always present but I experience in my earthly existence that I have to transform (with my SPICY PEN) darkness into light. It is impossible when I am not able to observe and to experience the shadow parts of our society.  I feel it in my nervous system, my womb, my stomach and in many other organs. The pain of  human drama. Diwali = festival of light is coming. I am sure we can leave this nightmare behind us. We have to WAKE UP.

I am walking in the street and a colorful carpet drews my attention,similar to this one: 


I could hear the carpet calling my name. I listened carefully since it is rare that carpets speak. Some people even do not believe that this is possible. They never hear the sounds of sparkling water, the blowing wind through endless seas of sand. They are unaware of miracles, expressed in the colors and patterns of both imagination and reality. If you listen with full attention you hear the stories and the ancient secrets of the sages. You can hear them speak, sing and you can hear them dance.

I listen since I love to hear the long forgotten stories. It all started in Baluchistan بلوچستان) which is an arid, desert and mountainous region on the Iranian plateau.

Once upon a time in March in this Province a child was born. A little girl that was as radiant as the returning sun in spring. All elders agreed in the glorious wisdom that she would be given the name Sheedeh = bright, luminous, sun. In the circle of all women she was touched by love, warmth and with wisdom that ancient traditions have. Sheedeh loved it being with her mother,sisters and aunties. She learned from all of them. She was the radiant sunshine of the valley. When the sun shines with all her glory in the water of the Hamun (lake in this province) and it makes us speechless of wonder this is how Sheedeh opened human hearts. Sheedeh learned needle work, rug and carpet weaving and jewellery making.


In this circle of women the magnificence of life is present. Life expresses itself. In this circle we will find the beauty of their laughter, tears, the passion of their existence, the sounds of crickets, birds and insects.

The carpet whispers in my ears: “Tell about the MAGIC, tell about the glorious beauty of excellence and speak about Sheeneh, so that she will be remembered and will open all hearts”.

“How should I suppose to do that”, I whisper.

“At the moments of hatred, pain and suffering speak the language of your heart” the carpet tells me. “In me the SHADOW is present as well as the SUN. Life and death are the golden treads as streams of living rivers of circulating blood. Watch me from different angels and you will see that my colors change. All details of my patterns will take a lifetime of discovery. People will walk on me unnoticing the hidden secrets of the shining sparkling stars of heaven. The beauty of my creation is ART in BALANCE. Without balance the world will be ARTIFICIAL”.

Who can survive in an ARTIFICIAL world? Watching and listening to the carpet I know we will be fine, we just have to WAKE UP.









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