I showed in my writing that each and every one has an ability to be a Witness. A Witness in the middle of turbulence. If you read trough my posts you have an opportunity to observe all what is alive. We, me included, do not have excuses not to transform our actions from and by a Witnessing State. All of us can do this. We do not need weapons to prove how right we are and we do not need to convince others. We still can drink a glass of wine. It is not about that. We do not have to be vegetarian. It is not about that. We do not have to follow meditation courses, yoga and tai chi classes. It might help but it does not guarantee a specific outcome. Hopefully we have exciting adventures, since life itself is our greatest gift. We do not need to follow all ideas, life styles, or the behavior of the, in our opinion, “enlightened” beings. We are all enlightened. We will always have our preferences in our human body and mind. We have to realize that these preferences might cause challenges and wars, especially when we never search for what is beyond the right and wrong doing. That’s why I researched and witnessed myself and showed the process. Beauty and the Beast, Snow-white and the Queen are the same person. The Witness knows all of this, the judgments and actions included. The Witness dances, the dance of creation.

My next writing will be different. I have done my best!!! I am sure you will do the same. I feel bored and I start repeating myself. Already for a while. Nothing new. Time for a change.

I will write about Transformation and Consciousness. I started my PhD research theses on: “The Healthy Organization”. 

Painting by Margriet Smulders

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