It could be that your mind starts thinking about divorce since this is what came up immediatly when I sourced on google trying to find some creative input for my new post.

I do want to write about separation in another sense. I came up with the idea as a response on the comments of Emmanuelle on my previous post. I completely agree that life and death are connected. Everyday we die at least a little bit since many of our cells are renewing and for this process others have to die first. The (re)birth of new cells happens on a continuous basis.

Is it the physical death of somebody that causes beloved one’s mostly an incredible pain? I believe it is more the feeling of separation and the need for interconnection with the one’s we love that makes us sad. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi started his journey to the other world at an age (91) that most of us will never reach, what does not mean that therefore we are not allowed to mourn. Allowing all emotions and feelings is at least for me necessary to grow on my path to true compassion and love. If emotions and feelings would not have existed I personally would have invented them. I learned more from listening to my feelings and emotions than through my thoughts and mind. This does not mean that I assume that they are not related. I perfectly understand and experience that they are highly connected. When Maharishi passed away I felt sadness in my heart and I instantly knew that I had to open my heart even more to let this feeling transform into love and compassion. I feel grateful for this opportunity. There is nothing wrong with sadness, anger and other so called “negative” feelings since these are the doorways to pure consciousness.

I read in the newspaper and listen to the radio in which the French president Nicolas Sarkozy expresses himself to the journalist that his “personal” relationships are part of his private life and that they have nothing to do with his position. I wondered and asked myself whether you can separate your private and public life, especially as a president. Many questions filled my mind.

Is a police officer allowed to steel in “private” ?  Is a judge allowed to use heroine in “private”. Is a teacher allowed to abuse children in private? 

We all will immediately explain that all the things I mentioned are regulated by law and are different from what the president wanted to express. I am the first one to agree that my comparisons are not completely valuable but the words of the president are mind puzzling and my first spontaneous reaction is that I would like to call the separation between private and public life a serious example of suffering from Schizophrenia.

I am aware that we observe in business and other parts of life a lot of separations;

-        between our private and public life

-        between thoughts, mind and feelings and emotions

-        between body, mind and spirit

-        between management and employees

-        between shareholders and stakeholders

-        between governmental and private organizations

-        between men and women

-        between generations

-        between rich and poor

-        between victims and criminals

We can meet wonderful parents, grandparents that will talk in private about (small) crimes and about the unsafe environment caused by young adults (more often foreigners) in the streets. Having outspoken opinions about “right and wrong” and on the same moment trying to avoid (legal) taxes. As we learned lately again from some examples in Germany. Fraud in the construction business seems to be “normal” in many countries in the world. I do not even want to talk about, in my opinion, illegal activities that are taking place in the arms trade, cheap labor and child labor. I talk about “normal” human beings that are more often respected members of our society.

I have heard managers (high salaries and bonuses) explaining to the employees that the above average financial results not automatically lead to increase of salaries and without any self-reflection expect that they will be paid a fortune themselves. I have heard managers telling that the salaries of the employees for the coming years need to be frozen and at the same time negotiated for a “golden parachute” themselves.


I have the idea that we rather often suffer from collective schizophrenia. Would it be helpful to reflect and to ask some questions?

Is what I am doing something that I am looking forward to talk about with my children and grandchildren? Are the activities I take part in serving others? Is what I think in line with my feelings and emotions? What is my “inner” voice telling me when I listen carefully, especially when nobody else is there? Is my behavior respectful and sustainable to others? Is what I preach to others in line with what I do myself?

Last but not least I am not a supporter of (gossip) reading private affairs in the newspapers, hearing them on the radio and watching them on television since they do not serve me and others. I prefer to live my own life.

I want to know more of the basic concepts, thoughts, ideas and I like to observe the expected outcome on a longer term from a president.

I will not judge a president on his personal preferences and romances. Although I do feel that the interest of the media in his personal affairs is first of all caused by himself. I would not call Nicolas Sarkozy a poor victim of the sensation press and therefore I would like to suggest him to put his awareness from a blissful state on all levels (meso-macro-and micro).

Nicolas Sarkozy is elected by a majority of the French and I hope and wish that he will be successful. I do not feel  schadenfreude” knowing that his popularity has lowered. It would be selfish and egocentric and not at all sustainable since his failure(s) would be a disaster for this great country in which I am allowed to live. I like to thank him for taking responsibillity and initiative and for intergrating ideas into concrete actions. I would like to make him more intelligent, brilliant and creative since making somebody smaller by unnecessary critizism does not serve anybody. Different (political) ideas are enriching and I definitely have another paradign in mind but I still have the feeling that I like to respect him for his hard work and continious commitment. When I lived in Spain I followed a belly dance course and I learned from the Arab dance culture to put the best dancers in front. We supported them with every single cell to be better, more passionate and powerful and the result was that everybody of the audiance thought that we all were the very best dancers. A separating mind is ego centered and forgot the idea of wholeness. Maharishi explained that in more profound words and therefore I like to express my gratitute for his teaching even if I never met him personally. Sometimes we think that people are always with us in their physical form. We take it for granted instead of expressing gratitute. I always wanted to meet the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela since they are exceptional human beings to me. At this moment I realise that I can always meet them in my heart. I can show that I learned from them in the words I use, in all the activities I undertake. Is what I do, think and feel from the heart? Is it causing separation or connection?

I like to express my gratitude to Nicolas Sarkozy since his “small talk” has given me a lot to reflect on and has left me with more questions than answers. I wish him and his wife Carla Bruni a wonderful, passionate and happy life in a stable and harmonious France.


(I absolutely admire Carla Bruni’s arstical performance and love to listen to her wonderful debut album quelqu’un má dit)


2 Responses to “Separation”

  • Emmanuelle M.:

    Allowing myself to be inside your wonderfully peaceful bubble of love has, again, been such a wonderful experience, thank you Erna for being around and welcoming me, my son, my feelings and ideas with such true understanding.
    For me, separation is, as you know already, such a painful word that brings up the worst that I never overcame (and hopefully never will, as what would be left if I let this go ?) that I just cannot feel good about it.
    Separation means for ever, with no proper explanation nor sharing nor being accompanied. Separation is about being left lonely in a silent and empty world.
    I wish more noise, more people around, more words, I wish a warmer and fuller world, but I am not sure I would be consistent in this world.

  • I feel deeply that separations (between human beings, inside our own life, everywhere) are something really human and arbitrary, that we invented for a reason that I just can’t figure out. But the consequences of the separations we put between each other are quite frightening… Differences between someone and someone else can only be noticed because of the fact that we consider that they are not part of a whole organization. But I feel, and I hope everybody can experience that sometimes, that someone’s extreme behaviour’s just a response to the opposit extreme behaviour, and thinking this way prevents us from feelings like guiltiness, which terribly hurts our relationships with other human beings.
    Again, it’s a matter of paradygm, that is both easy and hard to change. I feel that in our western world that is governed by science and rational thinkings, documentary like “what the bleeep do we know” can be a very powerful instrument !
    Thanks for this post.