Walking with Grace

I attended a seminar with my beloved teacher Sai MAA in Cork, Ireland.
Just before I left Marseille I received a wonderful message from my beautiful daughter Carmen, who is a true Angel, even when she sometimes does not know this herself.
At her school in Amsterdam her English teacher asked all the students to write a small story in English which needed to be started with:  “This is not about……”

As a spontaneous response on this request Carmen wrote:

“This is not about the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the civil war in Kenya, the price war in Dutch supermarkets, the war against terrorism nor the war between Jews and Muslims.
What it’s not about is simple. We give it too much attention, so that it only increases hate.
That’s why it’s about the Olympic fire that represents peace. Peace in Tibet.”

Her story touched my heart and I felt tears coming up since I always start to let my tears run when I recognize true beauty. The most simple truthful words are always the best, since they are so pure.

When I arrived on Wednesday the 2nd of April 2008 Carmen waited for me at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. We both took the shuttle to the Ibis Hotel and spent some time together. I suppose that both of us have a high “Grandmother” philosophical interest. We talked about the “law of attraction” and other powerful stuff. It is magnificent to listen to your children, especially when you feel totally connected and you do not need to convince them, since you are able to listen from the heart. Carmen was and is a very special and gifted cCarmen_summerlookhild. Beautiful, graceful and having all the other interesting parts aswell that makes us Human Beings.

For my daughter: "Angel of love, I feel grateful for being your mother. God bless you".

The next morning I left very early with a flight to Cork. When I arrived I wanted to have a shower and a bit of a rest but my room was not ready yet. I thought that this would give me an opportunity to visit the center of Cork. When I came back I thought more or less the same: “I love to have a shower and I can have a rest for at least one hour”. While arriving in the Hotel I saw a crème colored car and I intuitively new that Sai MAA had arrived as well. I stepped through the entrance door and I saw some other participants of the seminar. They all told that Sai Maa wanted all of us to join her to a very wonderful place in Ireland some 38 miles from Cork.
I, completely dressed in black, thought: “I have to change first”, but recognized the non-logical reasoning behind my thoughts. I immediately changed all my ideas and joined the rest and we arrived at an amazingly peaceful place.  A beautiful place with a small church and graveyard.  A well-known spiritual place in a for me completely unknown area somewhere in Ireland. I felt so privileged to be with Sai Maa and all the others in this sacred place. I cannot even find words to explain how grateful I felt. All of us were invited by Sai Mai to honor mothers, mothering, and motherhood in all its forms and energies. Every one of us expressed our prayers and wishes in our own pure unique way. What a blessing!

Amaterasu400 Sai MAA is for me the living example of a true Goddess, of a Mother of all Mothers and graceful and divine in everything she does, speaks about and teaches.
I “felt in love with her at first sight!”. Why? I can not explain how it is to be in the surrounding of an enlightened being. She is intelligent, creative, beautiful, respectful, loving, caring, graceful but all these superlatives are not enough to express what she really represents. She is “My teacher”.


In the West we have very “strange” ideas of what it means to have a “Guru= teacher”. More often we think immediately of dependancy, lack of autonomy and identity. We more often think that this critical, analytical mind is necesssary for our freedom, not really consciouss of the influence and impact of all limitations of the human mind, and it really takes some time and effort to experience that these limitations of experiencing reality creates our(fear based) prison. I know this very well.

I like to follow my own path. I love to show initiatives myself. I want and like to feel responsible for my own actions, behavior and manifestations. I always had/have the desire for total freedom.

Dolphin_2Exactly this absolute state of freedom is what I experience(d) while being with Sai Maa. She will share her ideas, thoughts, experiences and will always expect from me self-mastery, autonomy and independency.
I experience more than ever what it means to take responsibility for choices I make and to be able to face the consequences as a result.
Sai Maa is great “fun” to be with, since she is everything else than what you “normally” expect from a “Guru”. Connected to Sai Maa means to me, that I experience that all desires and dreams have come true, since I recognize that I live them. Freedom is inside and always available in the present state. It is what I would call a Contradictio in Terminis to search for freedom. Freedom is!

With flying wings of sparkling crystals,
unseen riding on a snow-white dear
with golden horns and flying home
to the endless see of ecstasy

Faster in the world of omnipresence
Full of flashing violet light
Higher to the silver white world
With ocean waters in a golden shine

Multidimensional existence in an angelic
Expression having all healing energy
Welcome in the womb of pure creation
Emptiness in the most fullest state


Thank you beloved Sai Maa. I love you. My mother has given me birth on planet earth, you have given me birth to my purest state of a multidimensional being. Thank you.

Sai_maa_australia I received from the Chopra Center some beautiful phrases:

”A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.”
Dorothy Canfield Fisher
“No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.”  –Edwin Hubbell Chapin

Especially good news for the French speaking people:
Sai Maa’s wonderful book “Petals of Grace”, essential teaching for self-mastery, is translated into French, due to the (voluntary) hard working of Kelly Williams.

Le livre Pétales de grâce de Sai Maa vient de sortir aux Editions Altess, Paris.

Extrait Préface par Jacques Salomé:Jacques_salom
"Cette préface, pour ceux qui me connaissent, n’est pas un paradoxe, car je suis agnostique et j’ai la faiblesse (ou le courage) de penser que le divin est en nous à chaque instant. Cette préface est le témoignage d’un hommage. Un hommage rendu à quelqu’un que j’admire pour le cheminement de sa pensée, pour la force de son enseignement, pour les actions désintéressées qu’elle soutient de par le monde, pour le travail qu’elle propose de guider, d’accompagner ceux qui la suivent, vers une attention plus consciente et des choix de vie plus lucides."

Thank you Jacques Salomé for your divinity and for sharing your respect and love for Sai Maa with all of us. Thank you. I wish your wisdom will spread through the world.

I like to invite everybody to celebrate the Divine Mother and to walk with Grace.


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