Ingrid Betancourt

I wanted to stop writing new posts since I am in “summer recess” but the rescue by Colombian security of Ingrid Betancourt is something I want to write about. Ingrid_betancourt
Ingrid Betancourt reunited with her family; what a treat, what a delight.

Think of all the news written about her in the last years that was received by her family members. How many times newspapers wrote that she faced health problems and some of them even wrote that she was death. How flexible and loving family and friends must be to stay focused on hope and love.

When the news came in the newspapers and on radio and television, immediately the rumors and gossip started. In the political realm, the counterparts of Nicolas Sarkozy instantaneously explained that it was not due to the efforts undertaken by Nicolas Sarkozy that Ingrid Betancourt was rescued.

Instead of feeling from the heart that her rescue can be seen as a true miracle, the mind has taken over almost automatically. The mind brings thoughts between the one and the other. Our mind separates us from each other. In the mind we need to respond as soon as possible that it was not the success of our “counterpart”. We put thoughts between our relationships. Jiddu Krishnamurti had many speeches about this phenomena.

If I would put thoughts between me and Nicolas Sarkozy I will remember the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy, in his position as Minister of Internal Affairs, mentioned in his speech at Euromed Marseille that the Capitalistic System never made victims. My thoughts reacted as followed: “Is he blind, deaf or both at the same time? Did he miss what happed with Enron, Ahold, Arthur Anderson and so many other organizations? Is he not aware of the turbulence in the suburbs of Paris? He never learned how many weapons are made, ordered by our capitalistic “democratic” driven governments? Is he not aware of the production processes of multinationals in law cost countries? Did he never see, hear of child labor, bad working conditions? Does he know the difference between, on one hand the figures, statistics and calculations of what Western Societies pay for education, training, welfare, wellbeing and on the other hand on so called defense expenses of our “capitalistic” system? "Why should we have a need to defend a system that never made victims?” Many of my needs were not met at listening at that time.
If I would not have taken responsibility for my own thoughts it would have remained between him and me for ever. I would have tried to recognize mistakes that he makes and when he would not have made them, I would have invented some. Is this not what we normally do?

If I do not let my thoughts interfere between him and me, I feel that both of us want creative solutions for challenging situations. If my thoughts do not interfere, I will be always able to explain the experiences I had and still have. If thoughts do not interfere we have no need to convince others. If the thoughts do not interfere, I can listen, since I do not need to agree or to disagree.
I can share experiences and I am able to talk about some of my ideas and experiences since I am free.

I did a French language course near to where I live and I found myself in an interesting situation. I once arrived in the flat were the course was taking place and I saw that the whole portal was burned out. The electricity cables were visible and I was not sure that I could safely enter the building. “What happened” I asked a passenger, walking his dog. “Nothing special, the neighbor of the first floor kicked his sofa down since he was furious of what the other neighbor had done or said. The “victim” of the anger of the first floor living neighbor, took his motorbike and entered the building and run into the elevator since he believed that the neighbor was just taking this lift. Due to the speed, the motorbike caught fire and this is the result”, he explained me.

I listened carefully and I felt a bit confused. “Nothing special” I remembered his first words. I went into the building and I was wondered by the fact that some of us are adapted to different situations and happenings. “Nothing special
I thought of the visit I once made in Lebanon and while walking trough the streets in which many buildings were completely damaged I saw youngsters laughing, listening music and dancing in the middle of the hectic and horrifying environment. All seemed to be adapted to the situation. “Nothing special”.

When I did my PhD in Granada Spain, I was in most courses (electives) with a wonderful woman from Bogota Columbia. At a certain moment she cried and I listened. She explained how different she lived in Granada. “In Columbia the threat of death by violence and aggression is always there. I was used to it. Some of my family members and friends are killed since they were working for governmental departments and universities. Staying in Spain I realized how stressed I lived in Bogotá, Columbia.  I listened and my heart cried.

When I take responsibility for my own thoughts I feel the same happiness and gratitude in the heart of Nicolas Sarkozy. I sent him my respect, gratitude and love for the true feelings since I experience them in my own heart. Thank you.

When my thoughts do not interfere, I love to listen to the songs of his wife Carla Bruni. Large_414355 I love the simple melodies, the sensual voice and I experience the same longing for unconditional (passionate) love in myself.
If our thoughts do not interfere by identifying her as the presidents wife only, who has different political ideas, we understand that true love is more dangerous (deathlier) than Columbian cocaine and heroine from Afghanistan.  “You are my drug”. You can always escape from heroine and cocaine. It might take a lot of energy. It can feel as impossible but it the darkest moments, “light” can enter. I know this since I worked as a volunteer in rehabilitation centers. You can never lose completely your separating mind and ego. Not one drug is strong enough. Only love can free us!

If you listen from the heart I hear her singing that love is a drug that will be able to kill our separating ego. If you truly love, your identity does not exist any longer. If you love unconditional, you are one soul, one heart, one mind. This is what I hear when I listen to her songs. If you love intensively there is not one leg, not even one simple cell that is able to escape. A oneness soul!

Love “the drug” to freedom.

When I watch television and listen to Ingrid Betancourt I know that she was kidnapped  and rescued but I feel that she was always FREE.

I sent my love to Ingrid Betancourt and all her beloved ones.



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