“Magic mirror on the wall/ who is the fairest of them all?”

We are surrounded by Miracles. As Marianne Williamson refers to in a message: 

“People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black, curious eyes of a child — our own two eyes. All is a miracle.”

? Thich Nhat Hanh

I could never agree more. After I finished “my” post Lotus wondering about negative and positive and trying to find a creative idea I received some great insights and messages. 

You are the Higher Self, the consciousness watching, completely free and not limited by body, mind, or senses. Sai Maa

Be still and know that the center of your being has always existed and is here now. Sai Maa

Knowing Sai Maa she started from the unified field to mobilize everything and everybody to stop me from thinking as an actor. She might have thought: “How is this possible. How many times do I have to explain the birthright of each and everybody, which is pure consciousness and pure light”. 

Slow learner???

In you, there is an actor and there is a witness. The actor is either confused or decisive, but the witness just observes and smiles. The more the witness grows in you, the more playful and untouched you are. Then trust, faith, love, and joy all manifest in and around you. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

And after all these incredible words I received a message that was shared by Paulo Coelho’s facebook:

The Oxford English Dictionary defines cynicism in a very enlightening way: “…a disposition to disbelieve in the sincerity or goodness of human motives and actions…”

The main thing to notice about the definition is the presence of negativity. A cynical person will almost always choose to doubt, disbelieve or discredit, even when there is no logical reason to do so.

So why do people think and behave like this? There are many schools of thought on the matter – some regard cynicism as a personal defense mechanism whereby people prevent themselves from opening up to love and friendship for fear of being hurt. Others say it comes about due to a traumatic event that occurred in childhood and caused a person to “close up”.

Here are some super simple things you can do to get yourself on the path of positive thinking and away from those habits of cynicism:

1. Recognize the problem
As with all problems the first step is in the recognizing. Some people go their whole life not realizing that they are horrible people with miserable outlooks and cynical views of the world. Thank yourself lucky that you have had the good fortune to recognize the problem and to do something about it. This is the first step.

2. Recognize each cynical thought
Once you have realized that you can be a cynic the task is to start realizing it more often. Think of this as a bit of a mindfulness meditation. The idea is to become attuned to your own mind and thoughts and start to become aware of every cynical thought that you have.

3. Use logic to debate the cynicism

Logic is a wonderful thing. Logic allows you to overcome destructive emotions and other negative things in your life. Why? Because 99% of the time the reason for your depression, anxiety, hatred or other negative feeling is illogical. If you debate the negative feeling using logic you will often find that the negative feeling gets weaker.

4. Make a definitive choice to be positive
Everything good in life comes from a choice. When you make a choice to do something you do everything that you can to make that thing come about.

5. Focus on people’s qualities
The last method I want to give you is the one that has worked the best for me. It is the simple art of choosing to look at people’s qualities instead of their negative attributes.

If you are a cynical person and you find that you have no friends, a bad job, poor social life and are generally unhappy then you could conclude that the results of your cynicism were bad. This is the type to avoid. If, however, you find that your cynicism helps you to avoid trouble then you can conclude that it is a good type. Make sure you learn the difference.

Since I received these incredible messages I want to explore deeper. I have to use the same part of the brain and I know that I can not find the solution when I am not able to take a distance from that part of the brain. Let me satisfy my intellectual, critical mind first. What made me write in a certain way? Is it as well caused by trauma? And in my case the answer is…………..YES

Some Broken Pieces

When I walked in Egypt I could feel the tension, it was knocking in my chest and resonating in my heart and I just knew that another explosion of violence was arriving at the surface. I know this feeling. The same old sensation from when I was very young and being very alert to avoid harm. I have to process what I feel. I have to be able to respond adequately to the situation. I have to anticipate and transform it in another direction in something positive. I know this is a very old pattern throughout my life. My critical mind is helping me by telling that I am not in danger. That I am creating my own fear. My critical mind is explaining that I always can escape by being alert. My critical mind is showing that I have a possibility for reasoning. My critical mind is knowing all the statistics of possibilities of another eruption of violence. Although I know this I have found more sustainable solutions. Following my critical mind I know that poverty, hopeless situations and exclusion give space to anger, hatred and violence.  I know it is an assumption but this is my critical mind telling me. I know that I do not need the critical mind at all. In the limitless space, the unified field, danger does not even exist. How do I know this? Since this is where I am most of the time PRESENT.

When I am in the space of Witnessing I feel indeed senseless, my mind and body are limitless, timeless and spaceless. Indeed witnessing makes me smile and grateful, which means that I am most of the time in a very blissful state. I wrote of all the moments that I was not witnessing, unconscious and the beauty of that was that I was almost immediately provided by messages from ANGELS AND MIRACLES. SIMULTANEOUSLY. Is not that a Miracle in itself? 

We have our heroes and people we learn from, since they fulfill the needs of our hearts and souls. I have many in my surrounding. Incredible, beautiful people. My husband said after reflecting on cynicism and critical thinking that he never has one example of me disliking profoundly somebody I met. I thought about it and …………… it is true. I had the pleasure to work with great people. I worked in a financial institution (50.000 people worldwide) and indeed I never met somebody that I disliked with a passion. I worked and lived in 5 different countries and travelled to more or less 55 and indeed I am puzzling and trying to find one person that I really did not like. What the heck is wrong with me???

Piece of art (beads) made by a lady in Nairobi (2 months of work)

It is the first time that I am honest about this in my writing. I was not aware.  Indeed, there is complete absent of disliking people I met.

Mirror, Mirror show me more and let me share some other details of myself. According to my husband, I am fun to be with. “You are not a clown but full of life”. “You like to share. You are generous, kind and very loyal. And……………….. above all: You make a death horse alive”. He is referring to me as a coach and healer.

The Bolero of Ravel.

I like to be surrounded with enthusiastic, passioned people and I love to create space for great talents. I work(ed) with many wonderful woman and I am not aware of once being in a state of jealousie. I “learned” that allowing others to grow is one of the greatest gifts. I did African dance, Belly dance  and Flamenco and when we performed in public it was “normal” to have our best dancers in front. Serving the audience. From the OUSIDE – IN. The idea that the audience gets, due to this, is that all dancers are incredible. In the workplace and everywhere else we can create this same kind of mindset, atmosphere and climate. I call it “The Healthy Organization”. 

There is space for all of us. We have indeed our heros and let us deeply embrace them. Let our hearts and souls be filled with their wisdom and love. We are all of that ourselves in our own unique way.
Carla Bruni:
when she sings that is part of me that is longing for love. Charming, sensual and …… a lot more.

Ans Markus is that part of me that creates incredible art work

Paulo Coelho is that part of me that writes the most amazing books. What a blessing to have them expressing their talents. An what about me………???

I am an incredible “teacher” without ever “teaching”. I create space full of laughter and trust and somebody once said: “you are a bubble of love”. and this is…………true!!! 

This bubble of love is a very “normal” person. I expressed a lot of myself honestly and as much as possible transparent. You learned about my doubts. You faced my critical mind. If I am able to face and embrace my demons everybody can. If I am able to “fix” the piece of broken Mirrors all of us can.  

What else is left?? 


In Nairobi – Outof Africa

 The white and black umbrella to protect the critical mind

 The Witness? Does not need Protection not even a MASK

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