I wish all readers a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, Splendid and Fantastic



A Year full of love and light 

In the last semester of 2008 I preferred to be in silence as much as possible. I stopped writing, answering phone calls, e-mail messages and reading, even the news. I missed completely most of “the crisis”. This means that in my perception it never happened. Isn't that funny? Things happen, many people talk about nothing else anymore and by being in a state of silence it is, at least for me, something that never happened. What crisis? 

Is it possible to do the same with the Gaza Strip? What would happen if all of us decided to be in silence and in a state of meditation? Would it still exist? What Gaza Strip?

We observe terrorism and we call the actors “Barbarians”. We observe invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan and we call it in our western society “war against terrorism” and we are sure that this is completely “normal”. Is it? We have to defend our rights. What rights? Human rights? By killing?
Are the actions in the Gaza Strip “normal”? 

In our collective mind we create all what’s happening around us. We believe that we still have a need to prove that some of us are better, smarter human beings than others. The others are brutal, primitive and bestial. Of course we belong to the smarter and the better ones.

We like to assure our selves by words, law and regulations, weapons and militarism, how great we are, how brilliant, how smart, how special, how superior, in comparison with others. Especially in the name of God. Some of us will go to Heaven or live in Paradise, others will live in Hell. We believe that we need to think in good and bad, in normal and abnormal. Beauties and Beasts all over! What if it does not exist? What if we do not need to prove ourselves by making others smaller? What if we do not need to create the horrible others to show our glory? What if we stop creating heaven and hell?

We create addicted human people to learn about our own addictions and slavery's. We create wars and violence, more often in other countries, to show how “peaceful” we are. We do not want to deal with our own internal aggression, fears, shadow, irritation, violence and wars. We need others, to blame them, for our one feelings, emotions and despair. What if we just stop doing that? What if we are curious and brave enough to take responsibility ourselves? What if we create Victory?

What if we experience oneness? What if we just know that everything else is just an illusion of an unconscious collective mind? A self created imagine of a so called nightmare? We believe that FREEDOM lays in the choices we make. We believe that FREEDOM exist due to the fact that we can make choices. We believe in positive and negative. In one or the other. In ups and downs. Life as a roller-coaster. Isn't FREEDOM far beyond choices? Let’s ring our bells. WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP. Life is calling.




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