Barack Obama

I “normally” do not express my ideas, opinions on elections of Presidents in other countries. In case of the USA it is important for all world citizens. We will all notice the impact and consequences of (non)decisions made in the USA. The examples and facts in the past made this very clear.

I have a need as a world citizen to be represented by an Intelligent, Creative, Innovative and Honest World Leader

A leader who is able to recognize the challenges for our future generations. A world leader who is able to communicate and has the ability and willingness to represents as many people as possible all over the world. A world leader that knows the conflicts and challenging areas in the world and realizes that peace processes are a number one priority. A world leader that has a profound and general view that goes far beyond the representation of a limited number of powerful and extremely rich people. A world leader who is able to understand that conversations, dialogues, sharing of ideas and appreciation of diversity is essential for the future of human kind. A world leader who is able to built bridges, connect people and bring up the best in others. A world leader that in the passed and the present shows that healthcare and education is important for all and will be a good example for the rest of the world. Healthcare and education for all means the willingness to contribute by paying taxes. The example for walking the talk is:


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